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Specialize in Safety and Security services? Advertise with us!

As a registered member of the SecuGlobe server, you will find a wide variety of advertising opportunities readily available.


A modern method of advertising, sharing articles about your products and services allows you to connect with the very people who are looking for what you have to offer. By storing your articles in our database, they will remain accessible to interested readers for an unlimited time period.

Articles may include your web site and logo and can contain as many as 1,000 words. In the search menu, the title of the article is highlighted and a short annotation is displayed, then readers simply click on the “Read more” link to see the whole article. Articles are sorted by the week’s topic and may be given priority by author. The price is EUR 99.90 per article if it is preferred. Normal article is published free of charge.

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Useful Contacts

Another way to improve your visibility is by listing your business in our Useful Contacts list. Useful Contacts are divided into “primary” and “secondary” contacts. “Primary” contacts include the police, firefighters, ambulance, etc. The “secondary” contacts section is dedicated to individuals and businesses that are oriented toward safety and security products and services in each country. The price of the secondary contact is EUR 19.90.

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