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Take a quick tour and get a helpful overview of the SecuGlobe site.


Three easy ways to register:

·      Personal Account – FREE!

·      Premium Account

·      Business Account

Register directly using your email and password, or conveniently from your Google or Facebook accounts.

What you’ll get with a Personal Account

A free gift is available with every type of account (even the free Personal Account)! When you set up your account with SecuGlobe, you automatically gain access to the SecuGlobe central registration, to register and secure your mobile phone and portable electronics.

What you’ll get with a Premium Account

When you register for the Premium Account, you can look forward to more gifts and special offers. Premium Account also allows you to utilize the Missing Persons feature and other SecuGlobe services not available with the Personal Account.

What you’ll get with a Business Account

The Business Account enables you to list your company in the Useful Contacts list, display your company’s profile and post advertising articles in our database.


Attract new clients by posting your safety and security related articles on our site! Your potential clients will learn about your company when they search for the latest information on various safety and security related topics.

Articles are stored for an unlimited time period and can be edited at any time. They are sorted by topic and paid priority. There is no limit to the number of articles a company can post.

Missing Persons Profiles

On the SecuGlobe site, users can post information in a Missing Persons profile. This information is then organized and displayed by country. Posting a Missing Persons profile dramatically increases the chances of that person being spotted and reported to local authorities. Users can also report sighting a missing person by emailing:

Photos and Videos

Users may post safety and security themed photos and videos, which are divided into “under 18” and “over 18” categories, according to content.


Individuals and companies that are interested in safety and security issues can more easily search for and share information that is relevant to them by joining topical groups.


In addition to searching for useful information, SecuGlobe members can share their experience and knowledge on the Discussion page.

Useful Contacts

Another way to improve your business’ visibility is by adding your listing to our Useful Contacts list. Useful Contacts are divided into “primary” and “secondary” contacts. “Primary” contacts include the police, firefighters, ambulance, etc. The “secondary” contacts section is dedicated to individuals and businesses that are oriented toward safety and security products and services in each country.


Thanks to SecuGlobe’s convenient division of safety and security topics, you will find it easy to navigate the web site and find exactly what you want without having to wade through an endless sea of information.

Advertisement – Ads by Google

Ads by Google can be found and utilized directly from the SecuGlobe website. Only professionally chosen and topic relevant ads are displayed.

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